epoxy-anhydride encapsulation system

Clear Casting Epoxy Encapsulation System for Photonic Devices

We are offering clear casting, epoxy-anhydride encapsulation system mainly for application in LED devices (I.e. SMD, 7-Segment Display & lamp).

It consist of a two part system, unfilled and when thermally cured, provide rigid, excellent clarity, thermal shock resistant and excellent environmental protection for the LED semiconductor.

We also produce color dye and premix epoxy to fulfill customer needs and requirement for manufacture of colored lighting unit.

To fulfill specific requirements, we also actively develop formulation which is suitable for client’s application.

Our Epoxy Products

Epoxy Color Dye

Epoxy Color Dye

Premix Epoxy

Epoxy Resin and Hardener

Epoxy Product Applications




Key Advantages

• Manufacture from high purity raw materials to ensure good consistency
• Low mixed viscosity to allow easy casting
• Stress relieving mechanism to offer superior reliability performance
• Lower cost
• Customer formulation available to suit specific customer needs

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We tailored made to meet customer requirements.

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