is the abbreviation for

Oxirane Innovation Encapsulation Material

Focused on R&D and manufacturing of
epoxy based encapsulant materials

Oriem is the abbreviation for Oxirane Innovation Encapsulation Material. It is the Cape’s Technology affiliated company, which was established and started operation in year 2002. The initial operation of Oriem Technology focused on R&D and manufacturing of epoxy based encapsulant materials for Optoelectronics industries.

We tailored made to meet customer requirements.

The company’s primary activity is in the epoxy material engineering.

Some of the main services provided include:

  • Material characterization for R&D
  • Material selection and process optimization experimentation like mix ratio, curing profiles, etc.
  • Epoxy material development tailor made to specific requirement.
  • Provide thermal analytical service to the various industries, tertiary education centers and research centers.

The analytical service continues to grow strong and continues to expand.

Among the industries served by the Oriem’s thermal analytical service include:

  • Electronic/Semiconductor/Optoelectronic Industry
  • Chemicals/Materials Industry (Polymer, Plastic, Composite, Electroplating Materials) 
  • Academic Institution, Universities and Research Centers
  • Food/Beverage Industry
  • Manufacturing (other that electronic related industry) 
  • Testing Laboratory Outsource


We are offering clear casting, epoxy-anhydride encapsulation system mainly for application in LED devices (I.e. SMD, 7-Segment Display & lamp).

Analytical Service Continues 

Thermal Mechanical
Thermo Gravimetric-
Differential Thermal Analyzer
Dynamic Mechanical
Differential Scanning

We to meet customer requirements.​

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